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Acme & Co Coffee Cups - Original Range

Original Range

Lauded by professional baristas and coffee advocates around the globe; Acme & Co specialty coffee cups are considered the benchmark against which all other cups are brewed.

The stunning, robust cup that’s taken the coffee world by storm, was the brainchild of Jeff Kennedy – The Godfather of New Zealand espresso. Wanting to create the perfect cup for the perfect cup of coffee, Jeff’s design factored in weight ratios and correct handle sizes, without compromising durability to protect from the inevitable knocks and drops.

Acme & Co.

Acme Tulip Cup (170ml) 6-Pack

$4442 $2665

Acme & Co.

Acme Latte Cup (280ml) 6-Pack

$6573 $3944

Acme & Co.

Acme Mighty Cup (350ml) 6-Pack

$7265 $4359

Acme & Co.

Acme 115 Saucer 6-Pack

$3476 $2084

Acme & Co.

Acme 145 Saucer 6-Pack

$3768 $2260