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Acme Evolution Latte (280ml) 6-Pack

Acme & Co.

The Acme 280ml (approximately 9.5oz) Latte cup is now available in The Evolution design. The Latte cup is proportioned similarly to the cappuccino cup, but plus size.

The Latte features a large surface area which is the ideal canvas for displaying latte art.

Dishwasher safe. Range of seven beautiful colors. Saucers sold separately.

Features of The Evolution:

  • Elegant, dense and durable porcelain
  • Whiter and cleaner looking interior
  • Easier to hold when drinking from and pouring into
  • More balanced and more stackable
  • Thick walled base for durability and heat retention
  • Tapered lip for improved mouthfeel and ease of drinking from
  • Smoother interior gradient that makes it nicer to pour coffee and milk into
  • Improved 6 pack packaging, no plastic


  • Matches the 15cm saucer and fits original range 155mm saucer
  • Outside diameter: 108mm
  • Base diameter: 57mm
  • Height: 65mm


Acme Evolution Latte (280ml) 6-Pack